It’s the WRITE time for a story…

This past week I had a training with Ohio University’s Voinovich School (acting as my project mentor) in Athens (which being a former Bobcat, was like going home) and learned how to analyze and report the data I have been collecting for the past two weeks. With case studies, it’s important to present the information almost like a story- with details, narratives, and pictures. My final product for this impact evaluation will be a four page document showing the overall themes and impacts that the VISTA Summer Associates have on the Summer Food Service Program, as well as five additional 1-page, double sided inserts describing each case. This is a tall order for only about three weeks left. I have to write the content, have it edited, make revisions, design a layout, find and insert pictures, and then have it printed and approved. I’m excited, and I think it will really turn out to be an impressive piece to put into my professional portfolio, but I am also nervous to get everything done in time!

I think that having the pressure of a timeline however creates better work, and challenges me to really use my time and energy wisely. I feel that I am right on schedule, as I have collected all of my data and transcribed it this past week, meaning that I am already knee deep in data analysis, moving onto starting my first case study insert. I think one of the most challenging partsof writing for this evaluation is that I have to be very concise and can’t include all of those details and nuances of each site that I find very interesting. I have to be very selective in what I include in the report, as politicians and other stakeholders that will be reading it won’t have a lot of time to spend looking it over and will need the most pertinent information presented in a way that is simple yet significant; concise yet interesting.

This is something that I am confident will be accomplished in some form over the next few weeks. And to add one additional item to my list is a presentation for the fellowship closing luncheon which will be in Pecha-Kucha format (if you’ve never heard of this, like I hadn’t, check out the link). So with that added in I should really get back to work!
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About Melissa Papic

Excited to work this summer as a Columbus Foundation Fellow, serving The Ohio Association of Foodbanks!
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