The Experience of Teaching, The Art of FUNdraising, The Potential of Learning

Last week, in wake of an unforeseen appendectomy for one of our Summer Learning Academy teachers (she is doing much better now, things worked out!), I was thrust into the teacher role while we figured out how to get another teacher to fulfill her spot. It was everywhere from fun to stressful and certainly another interesting twist to my role as an intern. It’s not like I haven’t taught before: I was a substitute teacher for my high school’s Calculus class. But, sadly, that was no preparation for this, and I had to be a little more creative than simply explaining how to solve derivatives. It didn’t take long however to realize how uninteresting I can be: the kids were more interested in our puppet frog, the computers, the mirror on the far wall, and their own shoes. But in those moments where they performed something for the first time, I can’t tell you how exciting and rewarding that was.

The highlight of my DSACO experience since my last blog had to be from this past Saturday: A wine-tasting fundraiser to support someone newly near and dear to my heart: the one and only Jackson Amon. He is one of our Learning Academy scholars, a star reader with many supporters. Every year family friends join the Buddy Walk team  Backin’ Jack in honor of Jackson. This wine-tasting hosted by the Amon’s in their beautiful back yard raised funds for this Buddy Walk team, and it was so much fun (hence the title of FUNdraising). I held the prestigious title of Pourer, and though I hardly knew anyone there, the common bond of backing Jack was enough. The weather was delightful, the decorating sublime, and the hosts beyond amicable. I can’t wait to be a part of Pour It Forward next year!

And lastly, I would just like to comment on one last thing. Between the excitement I witness when our SLA scholars learn and the unexpected learning I seem to experience every day, I have realized the real potential of learning. Learning doesn’t make you smarter, rather it opens up a new world, a new realm of possibilities. Learning doesn’t require work or structure, it requires an open mind. Learning isn’t a chore, it’s a gift. Learning can be experienced any time, by any one, and inspired by any other.

So cheers to open minds, to new friends, to new possibilities, to greater potential, and to DSACO.

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