The gravity of an email campaign

Hello all!

It is a nice change to finally have a week that isn’t full to bursting of tasks, events, and meetings!  Just to include a little update, we had our jury come through our submissions for Art for Life and determine the entries in the live and silent auctions.  It’s really exciting to know which pieces will be sold, but also really surprising.  I am by no means an artist, but some pieces that I loved and some that I did not love were rejected and selected, respectively.  It was an interesting process none-the-less!

This week I am focusing on my email campaign for AIDS Walk, including making a schedule of emails, determining the subject matter, selecting the audience, etc. etc.  It’s a surprising amount of work!  For many people, these emails may be the only chance we at AIDS Resource Center Ohio have to interact with them and cause excitement for AIDS Walk, so every email counts.  Additionally, these emails need to be drafted by the time my fellowship ends, so I have my work cut out for me.

However, I have really enjoyed writing them in many respects.  For example, I like to include small updates about the infection rate, new breakthroughs, and other current events surrounding HIV/AIDS.  It has been an enlightening exercise to be sure!  It also has me researching and brainstorming all types of fundraising tips, events, and incentives to pass along to team captains and team members.  Many of these pieces of information and ideas are just generally useful for development and fundraising and have left my brain pumping with all sorts of great ideas.

I have also learned how to navigate our Blackbaud/Convio software that allows us to manage email campaigns and other aspects of our fundraising events online.  There is a lot of work that goes into configuring these emails–I will probably think twice before just deleting emails from now on!  The software is pretty helpful and user friendly though, which is great for me :)!

Look for more posts to come this week–I will do my best to update you all on the weeks I missed posting because I was drowning in art work!


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  1. tomkrause says:

    Hi Kate, Thanks for the software tip and good luck with your next fundraiser. If you need a photo fundraiser platform you should check out this site

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