Do you ever have those weeks that seem to last FOREVER? I hope I’m not the only one, but I’ll confess that this week was one of those for me. Could it be that fifteen minutes of writer’s block feels like five hours? Or that  spending hours at a time trying to make sense of information, present it in to a meaningful way,  and oh yeah, figure out how to cram into two pages, takes a lot out of you? Exhausting to say the least. But either way, the first thing I felt this morning was gratitude- it was Friday!

This thankfulness for Friday could also have to do with the fact that I have some personally exciting events coming up,  a few of which start this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be moving some of my stuff into my new place (out of my parent’s house at last!), and this summer I  have the pleasure of being a bride’s maid for the first time, with the bachelorette party tonight :-)!  I’ll also be starting a new job at the end of the month; I can already feel the anticipation and anxiety growing inside of me.

But getting back to the work week, I do want to point out how wonderful this experience has been overall. All jobs have hills and valleys, and while I would not by any means consider this last week a low point, I would say it was  a challenge and at times less than riveting (try spending 40 hours writing, editing, rewriting, editing, and trying to overcome writers block). I’m sure a lot of people LOVE writing all the time. And I enjoy my fair share, but after working on the same document for six hours straight, I can start to feel my eyes crossing.

Despite the challenges and pesky writer’s block I’m proud to say that I reached my goal of having the first drafts of all five case stories written, allowing me to start on my four-page executive summary today, and hopefully spend next week finishing that up, making final edits to the case stories, and start the fun stuff: report design. I want to try and work on the design and layout of the report, so that I feel ownership and also because I want to stretch my creativity skills a bit.

Reflecting on the challenging week I’ve had this past week, I immediately think of the Olympics since I have watched it every night and is on the forefront of my mind. Now, granted, I do not consider typing to be a sport by any means, but I think of the mental concentration required for winning gold medals, and this week I definitely worked out my ‘concentration muscle’. I think keeping my eyes on the prize, and knowing that as I work through this challenge, concentrate, and keep practicing my skills, I can achieve ‘gold’ by having a valuable finished product at the end of my fellowship.

So while I am thankful it is Friday, I’m also thankful for the opportunity to pursue a goal, and preserver through the challenges of data analysis and report writing. It will make me stronger, and a better ‘competitor’ in the future. And if I win, you could say I’ll have a ‘gold medal’ of a report to show for it.


About Melissa Papic

Excited to work this summer as a Columbus Foundation Fellow, serving The Ohio Association of Foodbanks!
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