Importance in Rebranding and Revamping Images

As a journalism student at Otterbein, I have taken multiple classes in the Communication Department, which if you didn’t already know, Otterbein has FANTASTIC professors and has one of the best Comm. Departments in Central Ohio.

One of the things professors have been covering with us is establishing a brand and the importance of being recognizable in any form. I learned a lot about branding this past January when I was a staff member of the inaugural edition of 1847, Otterbein’s first student media magazine. It’s important for clients, both previous and potential, to recognize the company through its services or marketing.

For many companies, including nonprofit, brand identification comes through logo design. Everyone will always remember the Redhead from Wendy’s, American Eagle Outfitter’s eagle emblem, and Nike’s Swoosh. Apple, Google, McDonald’s, Adidas – honestly, the list goes on and on.

Godman Guild and Camp Mary Orton now have recognizable logos. In fact, recently, CMO underwent a branding change. CMO, which has been operated by the Guild for over 100 years, has used the same logo for almost as long.

The new logos, designed by Margaret Moran of Moran Graphics, Inc., help to conceptually connect CMO to the Guild. In many cases, the Guild logo is shown next to or with CMO’s new logo.

With Moran Graphics, Inc., the Guild is rebranding and revamping itself in many other ways. New business cards, a new newsletter design, and the annual report is looking better than ever.

SPEAKING of which – the projects I am projecting managing (annual report and the newsletter) are in the works still. All articles have been turned in. We have a couple of edits left and the we will wait to see proofs of the publications. We are planning to send the newsletter our the first week of September and the annual report the first week of October.

I’m very excited to see the results of a lot of effort put in by Guild staff and executive team members. Your help is very much appreciated!


About Stephanie L. Parker

I am passionate about many things, the most important being graphic design, photography, and journalism. These three things are where my greatest strengths lie and I hope to, someday, impact the world positively with my growing skills.
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