My Summer Enhanced With Wright Choice

Leaving the house at 7am and knowing you won’t return until 8:30pm was a hard pill to swallow but I was determined to dedicated my summer to professional development. In addition to my fellow learning sessions and full time work of this fellowship, I chose to grow further as a participant of Wright Choice, Inc’s Excellence in Professional Development (EPD) workshops.

While the weekly Thursday commitment was sometimes straining after a long workday, the people in the program were my incentives to keep going. Transportation was also tricky, as I ended up getting a ride after work from Tykia’s mom to the EPD session. For those of you unfamiliar with the fabulous work of Wright Choice, Inc, Tykia Wright is the director of the organization.

It has definitely been a busy but enjoyable experience, especially with my new friends made at Wright Choice, Inc. The EPD sessions really allowed myself to take some time and honestly devote myself to improving those professionalism skills not part of classroom curriculum. Being with a group of high achieving individuals with similar backgrounds as mine inspires and motivates me to finish my summer strong and start my final Autumn semester head on.

As a first generation college student, figuring out how to apply and succeed in school always has its challenges. What I realized this summer is that I am also the first generation professional in my family. I remember learning for the first time that there is a difference  between business casual and business professional dress — at the EPD’s orientation.  My mom had a nice secretary job when she lived in Mexico for a large company so her insight has always been helpful but this summer was the gateway to American corporate business culture, an opportunity and experience I never thought I would need. I am very glad to have learned and practiced many rudimentary professionalism skills at EPD and thankful for the opportunity to do so with Wright Choice, Inc.

For more information about the awesome work Wright Choice, Inc does with Columbus’ young professionals of diversity and disABILITY, check out their website (posted below). If you’re an employer or young professional that has been involved with Wright Choice, Inc. please comment below, I want to hear your story!

– Amber

About amseir01

I am a senior studying Public Affairs, Design, and Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University. I have diverse interests to combine art, advocacy, and public service into a future profession. My short term ambitions after graduation include earning a Masters in Public Administration and working in the nonprofit sector, ideally to impact Hispanic communities.
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