Hello all,

As many of you know, I have been planning the Inaugural AIDS Walk Bar Crawl and let me tell you, the game is always changing.

You make a timeline, create a budget, compose a spreadsheet full of contacts, and begin your planning.  However, I have quickly found that it’s difficult to stick to a deadline and often I have had to find a creative solution or do some quick rearranging.  For example, recruiting bars took well over the week I had allotted for and often times I had to do the legwork myself.  I think a large part of this may be because I work for a nonprofit and so there is not as much capital to leverage.  But we sure do have a great cause–and many bars were surprised they had not heard of AIDS Walk and were very willing to participate.

T-shirts, logos, signs, paper materials, brochures, bar passports, and many, many rubber stamps and stamp pads later, I am somehow 95% ready for Saturday!  My volunteers are great, my bars are on board, and everything else is last minute adjustments.

So in sum I have learned to be quick on my feet and to try to keep panic at bay even when deadlines change and your timeline becomes almost useless.  Come see me at my bar crawl this Saturday at 12:00 PM at either Union Cafe or Park Street Patio.  We have a raffle–go to all bars and be entered to win a $200 AMEX gift card!  Also, if you sign up for AIDS Walk you receive a free t-shirt that day.  Hope to see you there!

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