Back to School

Each summer, the Homeless Families Foundation helps families prepare for their children to go back to school. HFF’s goal is to provide each elementary school student with 2 new outfits and a backpack full of supplies. Middle school and high school students are given a budget, and then staff members and volunteers take these older children shopping for school clothes. This allows the older students more independence in selecting items that they need and that will help them “fit in” with their classmates at school.

This morning, I was very fortunate to to assist a group of middle school & high school boys to shop for their own school clothes. It was really a great experience… the boys were shy at first, but they had such engaging and wonderful personalities. They were very appreciative of the opportunity to get new clothes, and they were very responsible in the use of the money allotted to them. After checking out at the store, the boys were very happy with their purchases, and it was so great to see them smiling and laughing! I know their new clothes will give them additional confidence to achieve success at school.

This was such a rewarding experience… I loved being able to help the kids in finding the items they needed, finding the correct sizes, and finding bargains! Tomorrow, I hope to be able to assist middle school & high school girls with their back to school shopping!

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