Learning How to Give Back

One of the great things this Fellowship has introduced me to is the act of giving back.

I wasn’t a girl scout. I wasn’t a candy striper. I didn’t donate hours to the Humane Society by scrubbing down cages and walking dogs. I’ve never donated time at a library. I participated in 4-H for one year with a group that did not donate time to the needy. I’ve never spent time in a homeless shelter or spent a holiday in a soup kitchen. And I don’t consider babysitting to be charitable enough to be considered community service.

As you can see, community service and the act of giving back is completely foreign and new to me. Before this Fellowship, I would have never considered working for a nonprofit. But I guess all things can change with time.

This Fellowship has introduced me to great people. And these great people have opened my eyes to a completely new way of life. As a small-town girl from Northern Central Ohio, I thought the Polaris area WAS Columbus. I’d never ventured further into Columbus than Polaris Parkway. And now, for the last ten(ish) weeks, I’ve been driving I-71 South onto 5th Avenue and into the Weinland Park area. Haphazardly, I make my way into Downtown every other week and find myself squirming in my seat as I drive down Broad Street to the Foundation. Broad St traffic scares the living daylights out of me – the girl who learned how to drive by passing tractors on back county roads and swerving around herds of random cows. (Yes, that did happen once …)

HOWEVER – back to my point – the people I have met through the Guild have greatly encouraged me to learn the act of giving back. In fact, last Wednesday, some of the staff and I volunteered for a day at a Habitat for Humanity house, located just down the block from the Guild campus. We all had tons of fun and I got to talk photography with the house lead and his wife. Such cool people!

But the point is – I did service work – and I enjoyed it! I wish I would have introduced myself to it before now, but now that I have dipped my toes, I want to keep giving back whether it be through actual service or by pursuing nonprofit employment after I graduate college.

Below are some of the photos I took while on the Habitat site. You can watch the house on Fifth grow along with us at the Guild by visiting the Columbus Global Village Team’s website.

About Stephanie L. Parker

I am passionate about many things, the most important being graphic design, photography, and journalism. These three things are where my greatest strengths lie and I hope to, someday, impact the world positively with my growing skills.
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  1. That is a wonderful lesson to learn. Thanks for sharing!


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    Here is my final blog post I wrote during my Columbus Foundation Fellowship.

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