A driving tour of Columbus

Hello all,

Today was exhausting, but fun!  In addition to finishing bar crawl wrap up, email drafts for the AIDS Walk email campaign, and other housekeeping things, I also was assigned the duty of dropping off all sorts of promotional materials at different businesses throughout Columbus.  This included Short North, Downtown, German Village, Bexley, Upper Arlington, and Clintonville.  Even though I have lived in Columbus for four years, I never had the opportunity to really explore the layout of Columbus.  This is especially true because I am unfamiliar with 670 and 70, so I definitely took some wrong turns and ended up seeing even more than I had planned 🙂

Some of my favorite stops of the day included the Bexley Public Library (beautiful!), The Book Loft in German Village (I didn’t shop, but it was hard to walk away!), Pisticia Vera in German Village (yum!), Press Grill in the Short North (they were so nice), Stauf’s Coffee Roasting House (I bought a drink–so delicious), and Global Gallery in Clintonville.  Even though that much city driving is enough to fray even the strongest of nerves, it was still enjoyable to see the different areas of the city, take in the skyline from the highways, and finally come back home to a comfier seat than my car seat.

It also gave me a lot of time to reflect on my experience this summer.  I immensely enjoyed my time at AIDS Resource Center Ohio.  So much so, I decided to stay in Columbus and continue working there seasonally and part-time until I find whatever is next in my life.  At previous internships, I rarely got to see the full execution of events and long term projects that I was contributing to; this time, I will get to continue working on Art for Life and AIDS Walk, as well as attend them!

Thank you all for reading this summer.  I hope the next Columbus Foundation Summer Fellowship class appreciates their experience as much as I did mine!


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