Today’s my last day at the office as a Local Matters fellow! Tomorrow brings the final luncheon and all of our presentations that will enlighten everyone as to the incredible work that’s been going on this summer. I can’t wait to hear what everyone has accomplished.

This morning, the staff gathered at our central meeting table to watch my presentation. I felt silly at first, since all of the people watching me were involved in the project for much longer than I. However, I received warm and receptive feedback after the presentation. I truly feel as though I’m capable of representing this fantastic organization and all that it does. The staff here is welcoming, committed, and truly amazing. I can only hope to make myself a career in an organization like Local Matters.

Speaking of careers, another reason I’m thankful for this experience is that it confirmed my notion that I want to set foot on the non-profit career path. I’ve worked in many settings in the past – schools, government organizations, retail, and non-profit – and hands down, the work that I’ve done with non-profits has been infused with the most excitement and fervor. I’m moving to Minneapolis in October, and I’m using the next month to look for jobs. I definitely know where I’m going to begin my search! If anyone has connections at a food related non-profit in Minnesota, send them my way!

I also have insane amounts of gratitude for the Columbus Foundation. This experience was so much more than summer employment. It was an opportunity to engage in important conversations, expand my horizons, and set the base for what I want to do with the rest of my life. Not to mention that I met some really fun people along the way! Here’s a photo of some of the Fellows at a Columbus Crew game last night: 


The best news is that even though today is my last official day at the Local Matters office as a Fellow, it’s not my last day with Local Matters. The staff is going to a party together on Saturday evening, there are still a bunch of events left for Local Foods Week (check them out and join us –, and I’ve been given the opportunity to continue working at the Food Hub for the rest of my time in Columbus.  What a lucky duck I am. 


About taraeveritter

I'm working with Local Matters to develop a food cooperative in the Near East Side of Columbus. My work primarily includes researching the rich history of the Near East Side and creating a document that outlines how to successfully establish a cooperative in a low-income area. This document is intended for use by communities around the country that may want to undertake a similar project. The staff at Local Matters have an incredible passion for this work, and they've successfully infected me with curiosity and motivation to see this project through!
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