Media Projects

I realize I write about almost all other experiences than my actual projects assigned to my role but I think that’s because working in multimedia for the past 6 years that it is second nature to me and I don’t really notice it anymore. The last couple of weeks after Freedom Schools ended I have really been able to dedicate to the other media projects for my host site.

I have been working diligently at branding a new initiative that is a branch separate from CD4AP. I love designing new logos and media materials, a very similar experience I had in my junior year at OSU as the founding officer for the Latino Student Association. I was Vice-President of Communications so I had a lot of branding I had to create from scratch. Working with CD4AP was a bit challenging because they had no strong direction in the beginning or influence for me to work from and I made millions upon millions of different logo iterations. My experience with the team is very similar to other clients I’ve worked with in the past; most of the time the client does know what he wants but doesn’t realize that they do and it can be like pulling teeth trying to get them to articulate it. That’s the beauty of designing however, creating a lot of different styles and images and working together in the creation process. The new organization is called South Side Renaissance and it will focus on housing in the community. (See my post from the Mayor’s press conference that touches upon this new partnership).  I’ve never had to design for a housing initiative so my research and creative process was a lot more involved and wide spread of ideas than I how I normally create brands but it was a lot of fun.

Lastly, I’ve been slaving away at OSU’s Digital Union (basically a technology lab) trying edit an awesome video of CD4AP’s first summer youth program as a Freedom School host site. That has also been a lot of fun, minus the various crashes and misplaced media files, the joys of working in multimedia. All in all it’s been a very great summer tinkering away in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Web media!



About amseir01

I am a senior studying Public Affairs, Design, and Latin American Studies at The Ohio State University. I have diverse interests to combine art, advocacy, and public service into a future profession. My short term ambitions after graduation include earning a Masters in Public Administration and working in the nonprofit sector, ideally to impact Hispanic communities.
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