The time has come…

“The time has come,” the Foundation said,

“To talk of many things:

Of fellowships—and Kids Lunch Club

Of magic shows—and swings—

And why it always rains at noon—

And tangled-up tent strings.”

-adapted from Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass” 

The last day of the Kids Lunch Club was on Friday, and the children returned to school this Wednesday.  It’s hard to believe ten weeks has passed, as it seems we just began our journey with the Fellowship.  Last week was a strange mixture of sadness and joy for the end to a successful program.  The children expressed their sorrow in parting ways with site staff and the new friends they gained while attending the KLC.  The W.A.R.M. Lunch Club staff and VISTA Summer Associates had a closing get-together to properly conclude the program and our time spent together.  It was a great way to celebrate our achievements and take the time to say our goodbyes to one another as well. 

This week was spent tying up loose ends before tomorrow.  I logged our final numbers of total meals distributed for children and adults, and made several graphs demonstrating a 2-year comparison, meals distributed by site, and an attendance trend line by week.  Deb and I submitted our final claim for reimbursement for the months of July and August.  While completing an inventory of the site equipment (tents, tables, arts and crafts materials, sit-upons, hand sanitizer…you name it, we’ve got it…), the equipment manager, a site staff member, and I had an unfortunate issue arise.  The warehouse space we were borrowing was rented and we had to evacuate immediately!  Needless to say, Tuesday and Wednesday were days filled with manual labor, doing work that needed to be done.  We moved all four sites’ equipment from the warehouse into the W.A.R.M. trailer.  I wish I had a photograph of myself on the board on the “second floor” of the trailer….or maybe I’m glad there isn’t one!  We created an inventory list and a map so next year’s staff will know where specific supplies are located.

I also went to Otterbein University to meet with the professor helping the KLC with the program evaluation.  Unfortunately, since the survey distribution was only during the last program week we had a relatively low response rate.  However, he and I input the data from the surveys and analyzed it.  He will complete this project in the next month by writing a summary and suggestions for potential changes for improvement.  Plans are in place to complete surveys at the onset and culmination of the program in the summer of 2013. 

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who made this Summer Fellowship possible—the Columbus Foundation, Dan and Alicia, the Selection Committee, W.A.R.M., Scott, Deb, and the other W.A.R.M. staff, who welcomed me with open arms.  It was an enriching experience, both professionally and personally, and I am grateful for the people I met and worked with above all.  Thank you!


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