Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, recently published a book titled Lean In in which she encourages women to boldly pursue their ambitions and challenges society to address the barriers women face.

In a commencement address at Barnard College in 2011 she told graduates, “lean way into your career. You’re going to find something you love doing, and you’re going to do it with gusto.”

I have adopted Sandberg’s words as my summer mantra. As the summer fellow at The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, empowerment for women is my day job.  We fund grant partners who are working to create social change by equipping, encouraging, and enabling women and girls to “lean in,” to embrace their ambitions and potential.

My task as the summer fellow is to research the state of philanthropic work targeted at women and girls nationally and within central Ohio.  The project description sounds straight-forward, but I have discovered this week that the assessment is going to be rather complex.  So in my second week of work, it is time to push up my figurative sleeves and lean in.  I am going to hunker down and work really hard.  I am going to see where this research takes me, and deliver thorough and useful results.

WFCO fellow.1

The mission of the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio is “to transform the lives of women and girls, by mobilizing the collective power and passion of all women working together.”  It is a big deal to have the opportunity to work for an organization whose mission and values so align with my own passion.  I am going to embrace it like a sponge, absorbing all that I can learn from my coworkers and contributing the ideas and skills that I bring to the table.

This summer fellowship is an opportunity to be at a table where they are discussing something that I really care about: enriching the lives of women and girls in central Ohio.  I am going to sit up, lean in, and absolutely make the most of it.

WFCO square pink logoTo learn more about the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio visit our website: http://www.womensfundcentralohio.org/

And follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/WomensFundCO?fref=ts

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