A Day in the Life of BizTown

Fifty-nine citizens, eleven businesses, and an insane amount of high fives later – week two at Junior Achievement flew by!

This week was Junior Achievement BizTown Summer Camp, so it was my opportunity to see BizTown in action. My role in the entire process was to work as Junior Counselor – basically I had the privilege of acting as a camp counselor and enjoying the entire BizTown experience.


Mayor Spears was sworn in on Thursday morning.

On Monday the campers took a tour of BizTown and filled out their job applications. That night the citizens were assigned a job. It was a giant puzzle of students and roles. We chose our mayor because on Monday morning he took the initiative to shake each counselors hand upon meeting them (professional development lesson from a ten-year-old: first impressions are everything). 

On Tuesday and Wednesday the campers worked to create marketing materials and merchandise to be sold in their respective shops. Sprinkled throughout the day were supplemental activities that taught campers about investment or business tactics in general.

I primarily worked with Donatos and City Hall. It was awesome watching these fifth graders take total ownership of their businesses down to coming up with a slogan (“It’s always Donatos Time”).

On Thursday and Friday, BizTown ran itself. The shop employees worked together to create product displays and determine the appropriate prices for the merchandise.


Our attorney showing off his patriotic planter display. He helped with retail while solving the Case of the Missing Teddy Bear!

From the morning until the afternoon, the citizens ran the town using their job checklists and running errands from shop to shop.


Our lovely Donatos staff serving a delicious lunch!

For lunch, citizens would pay $2 of their BizTown earnings for hot meals (donated by Donatos and Raising Cane’s! Yum!).

My favorite part of working in BizTown was watching the youth collaborate. They were so engaged with the experience and all were working for the common goal of making the town run. They would hold each other accountable, follow-up, and make adjustments as they found necessary.

I am so happy this week fell so early into my fellowship. It was wonderful opportunity to see BizTown in action and really see the impact the experience had on these campers. I feel much better informed as I move forward in my summer projects.

I am looking forward to the rest of the summer, but I am sad that this week of camp is over, it was so much fun to get to know the other staff and the campers.

About Sarah Kenny

I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University studying Elementary Education and Human & Organizational Development.
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