From the Cloud to Conan

“Doing Business in the Cloud”

This was the title of ICDC’s (Increase Community Development Corporation) June workshop that featured a local authority on the subject.

The event also doubled as a networking opportunity for small business owners.  I was surrounded by creative, highly motivated people and channeling my inner “techie” at the same time.

Was this a dream? No- this was week two.  Awesome.

After the presentation ended, the entrepreneurs were given a chance to socialize.  I could barely contain my enthusiasm concerning the intricacies of cloud based security or the limitless opportunities to synthesize an organization’s marketing and administrative functions all from a single application.

I mean, who could not get excited over this stuff?

After mingling with several individuals and feeling confident in my networking ability, I glanced around the room and noticed an older gentlemen sitting stoically in the corner sipping on an orange Fanta.  Sensing another opportunity to figure out what makes these entrepreneurs tick, I casually approached with a welcoming smile and offering my best business handshake.  He shook my hand, returned the smile, and immediately gave me his business card without uttering a word.  I returned the gesture by giving him my card and verbally introducing myself.  I was cut short as the man finally spoke:


My updated business card.

“You remind me of Conan O’Brien.  We’ll be in touch.”

Needless to say, I was taken aback.  I quickly tried to determine an appropriate response, but before I could say anything in return, the gentlemen strolled out of the event.

Small business owners face surprises every day that force them to quickly determine an appropriate response.  The reaction to this slim window of opportunity that entrepreneurs are accustomed to is a critical component which defines the success of most small businesses.

I have learned that in order to keep up with this rare breed known as the “entrepreneur,” you have to think quickly, use your best judgment with the information you have, and execute your decision promptly.  Time is their most valuable asset.  Come prepared or politely move along.

Within 5 minutes of returning to my desk after this interesting interaction, there was already an email waiting for me from this gentlemen with the title- “Lunch next week- Great meeting you.”

This guy is good.

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