Week one at ETSS Summer Camp

Hello from ETSS!

This week was the beginning of the ETSS summer camp, and the kids were very excited to be here! This first week was a little hectic, trying to establish camp rules and become familiar with the camp schedule. On Monday and Tuesday, I began my nutrition classes at both sites, dividing the kids up into 3 groups based on their school grade. This week’s nutrition lesson was the My Plate. I created a My Plate poster with velcro foods from different food groups. I had the kids come up to the poster to place each food in the correct section! The kids really enjoyed the poster! I also had the younger kids color a My Plate coloring sheet and the older kids create a healthy meal plan. On Wednesday and Thursday, the lesson was “Where does our food come from?” I created a tomato plant poster to show the kids how plants grow. We also discussed the different types of foods that we eat (roots, stem, leaf, flower, and fruit) and read a book called Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. I had the kids create their own plant poster and this was such a success! The kids did a fantastic job with their posters! Image


Overall, this week was a great week! I’m still trying to remember all of their names, but hopefully by the end of next week I will have it all memorized! Next week, we learn about nutrition labels!

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