Post-it notes galore

Hello again! During the past couple of weeks at Alvis House, I have been doing some Internet research to gather information about environmental trends that may either be currently affecting or will affect Alvis House services in the future. This week, I am attempting to take all of the Excel charts, tables, cited information, and thoughts scribbled on post-it notes and organize it all into one big cohesive and concise document. Right now, I feel like I am swimming in information, so I am excited to have one central location for all of my thoughts (versus this mess that is currently my desk!).

DSC00332 (1)  DSC00335 (1)

One of the aspects that I love about my project for the summer is that I get to go around the organization and interview the heads of various departments and programs in order to comprehensively understand what Alvis House does, who is affected by its services, and how it all operates. Today, I have three one-on-one sessions scheduled, and I am very curious to find out what insights I gain from each of them. Two are with people who work in the administrative office and who I have met before. The third, however, involves a field trip! I get to go visit one of the Alvis House re-entry centers to interview the person who runs the programs there and to get a feel for how the centers work. Last week, I sat in on almost two full work days’ worth of orientation sessions, in which new halfway house employees get a crash course on what Alvis House does, its mission, and their role in the entire operation. I learned more about corrections in these two days than I have in all of my research days combined, and so I am very much looking forward to seeing everything that I’ve learned in action.


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