We’re three weeks into our nine week program and I’m no longer a visitor trying to keep my head above water in the sea of children, staff and activity that is my workplace.  Sure, I’m still trying to keep my head on the right side of the water line, but I’m certainly not a visitor anymore.

Now that I’ve settled in a little bit, I’m starting to get a clearer picture of what my job will be.  It isn’t all kissing babies and shaking hands.  No, apparently working as Program Coordinator for a summer camp involves more than showing up and playing with the kids.

I’ve recently started taking on larger roles in the other areas of my job description.  While they were all doomed to be less enjoyable than spending time with the AMAZING kids in our program, I’m still excited to tackle each of them in turn.  The only problem is the various aspects of my job refuse to take turns.  It’s a little bit of everything all of the time.

This week I’ve thrown my weight into scheduling visits from “special guests” for the Lunch!multiple sites that make up the Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids.  So far, we’ve had a fantastic kite making experience with Miss Bev Meyers as well as visits from the Norwich Township Fire Department, Officer Ron Burkitt of the Hilliard Police Department and Mr. Bob of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  But we want more.  Two visitors a week is our goal.  So, phone calls and emails have been my bread and butter.  If you have a question about our program, I have the answer.  Who we are, what we do, where we do it and for how long, how we work and why.  Crafting emails, making phone calls and leaving voicemails could easily take up half of every day.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of time. 

We’re three weeks into a nine week program and the days keep coming faster.  Each day, I get better at multitasking, better at finding pockets of time to switch gears and take on a different task.  So, my head is above water and I’m learning how to swim.  Now it’s time to just keep swimming.

About Ryan Max

I'm a Psychology undergraduate student at Miami University. I was assigned to create a blog on a topic about which I am passionate for a Journalism course. This was the result. Enjoy!
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