What Do You Wake Up For?

Much of my time during my third week at LifeCare Alliance has been spent interacting with the community. I have been calling clients to ask them about their pets, and I also delivered a Meals-on-Wheels route today during my lunch hour.

At our most recent Fellows Learning Session, community members who have worked for various non-profits talked a lot about what motivates them in their career. Or, more simply, they talked about what gets them out of bed in the morning. Not one of the four guests spoke about money or gave a reason that might have been construed as selfish. In some way or another, these people get out of bed because they want to help others.

I have spoken to many kind individuals who are unbelievably grateful for the services that LifeCare provides. It warms my heart to see community organizations donate pet food, to see volunteers donate their time, to ensure that people and their animals don’t go hungry. To know that my work is helping to bring nutrition, comfort, and peace of mind to both people and their pets? That is an absolutely wonderful, motivating feeling.

A sample of our recently donated pet food!

A sample of our recently donated pet food!

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