Going Green

My name is Hannah Brevoort, and I am a recent graduate of Ohio University. The forth week of the Fellowship may seem like an odd time to be introducing myself but, due to some unseen complications, I just began my stint at the Ohio Environmental Council last week. Let me begin by talking a little about the organization itself. The OEC was founded in 1969, and  is dedicated to advocating for a environmentally safe, responsible, and healthy Ohio. There are many departments in the organization, and they focus on diverse topics such as environmental policy, clean water, clean air, and green jobs (where I will be working), but everyone here is committed to the mission of the organization, and to protecting Ohio’s environment.
Despite my late start, I have wasted no time in getting down to business! The main focus of my work will be the Ohio Green Jobs News RoundUp, a weekly newsletter that highlights the best (and sometimes not so great) efforts of Ohio companies, schools, and individuals in the green technologies sector. The RoundUp also features postings for green jobs. If any of that sounds great to you, you can sign up for the RoundUp here: http://www.theoec.org/campaign/green-jobs-innovation-news-roundup.
Behind the RoundUp lies one of the OEC’s greatest tools – a comprehensive database of green projects in Ohio. Over the next 7.5 weeks, I will become intimately familiar with this database. My tasks during my Fellowship will essentially fall into three categories:
1.        Evaluating the effectiveness of the database. This involves researching other possible platforms on which to store the information, as well as determining whether the database information can be plotted on an interactive map.
2.       Performing basic upkeep on the database. I will attempt to weed out any duplicate entries and dead article links. Additionally, I will consider and propose any other information fields that I feel may enhance the database.
3.       Creating a system for notifying companies when one of their projects is featured in the RoundUp. This will be my biggest project, since I will be coordinating with the Marketing and Communications department, and because this project will build awareness among green-minded companies about the OEC and its goals, and help the OEC to develop more contacts in the corporate world.
Although I just began my Fellowship, my first week has been full of excitement! Last Monday I participated in the weekly intern meeting and met the other interns in the Green Jobs and Innovation department, with whom I will be working closely. Tuesday happened to be President Obama’s speech on climate change, and everyone in the office piled into the boardroom to hear his historic address. There’s never a dull moment here at the OEC, and I can’t wait to see what the summer holds!
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