Nutrition Labels, Gardening, and COSI!

Last week was such a busy week! It was the second week of camp and we were ready to start planting some seeds and plants in the garden! Both East and West side community gardens are now filled with plants and seeds! I can’t wait for the plants to grow! The kids were so excited to plant in the garden. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, basil, and cilantro just to name a few. The kids were able to dig and plant all of the seeds, and after planting we had a lesson on gardening. The kids had a chance to smell the different herb leaves (cilantro, basil, oregano) and it smelled so good! Hopefully by the end of camp we can use these herbs and vegetables in cooking lesson!

We also had a nutrition label lesson last week. The kids and I took a look at nutrition labels on various types of foods and determined which foods were the better options. It was a great way for the kids to learn the nutrition labels and made them more aware of which foods they should eat. After teaching this lesson, I’m confident that these kids know what cholesterol, sodium, and calories mean!

We were all very eager for Friday to arrive because it was COSI day! All campsites hopped on the bus and headed to COSI for the day. My group really enjoyed exploring COSI and learning about the body, space, and all about science! I could tell the kids were tired from a fun-filled day at COSI because on the way home, half of them were asleep on the bus.

This week the kids will learn about the different vitamins and make their very own Vitamins Book! 


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