Webinars, Teamwork, & Prince

Last Tuesday I attended my very first webinar.  The presentation was titled: What Does it Take to Build Sustainable Micro-Businesses?  Over 200 leaders in the micro-enterprise field logged in to hear three respected organizations describe their successful programming.

For the first five minutes, technical difficulties ran rampant.  The speakers’ voices produced an impressive echo effect while simultaneously alternating between a high pitched Alvin & The Chipmunks-like tone and a deep bass that would please any fan of the dub step genre.


Prince has the webinar entertainment market cornered.

The panic was evident as the presenters scrambled to fix whatever issue was causing the webinar’s audio to resemble a rendition of a Prince song.  After several thrilling minutes, their tinkering worked.  The audio returned to normal and the remainder of the presentation went on flawlessly.

The major point I took away was the emphasis on the necessity of teamwork in an organization.  Now, I know what you’re thinking- “Really Sean? Teamwork? What a revolutionary idea.”  In my defense, to hear individuals in charge of organizations responsible for creating thousands of jobs in their communities say that their success boils down to this simple concept, truly gives you a fresh perspective on success.

Non-profit professionals often end up doing a multitude of tasks all at once, rather than sticking solely to their specialization.  Constant communication between fellow team members is essential in order for progress and positive impacts in clients’ lives to occur.  Teamwork leads to positive impact which leads to true change in our communities.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first webinar- especially the pre-presentation entertainment.

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