Way to go, Columbus.

Those of us who call Columbus our home don’t need to be told that we live in a great city.  But this blog post will give you a few more bragging points (to tide you over while we wait for football season to start).

Over the past few decades, the national network of philanthropic organizations which serve women and girls has expanded greatly.  Today, there are pillars of support for women and girls in nearly all metropolitan communities across the country.  Nearly all greater-urban areas are equipped with a branch of the United Way, a YWCA, a women’s health clinic, and a women’s fund.

My job for the summer has been to detail the profile of central Ohio’s non-profit organizations serving women and girls.  As I explore the multifarious array of non-profit entities which are engaged in this work, I am continually impressed by you, Columbus.  It seems that our city is teaming with people invested in enriching the lives of women and girls, and through them, our community as a whole.

Columbus is looking out for her women and girls, one more thing that makes this an outstanding place to live.  Here are some major investors in the potential of women and girls:

The Limited Brands Foundation, thanks to Lex and Abigail, focuses much of its philanthropic energy on the Columbus area.  Because much of the company’s success is due to women’s purchasing power, the Limited Foundation is committed to the health and empowerment of women and children.

Second, the United Way of Central Ohio has a chapter of the Women’s Leadership Council, not something that all United Ways have developed.   This group of committed, community-minded women works to provide educational and economic opportunities for women in need of support.

Finally, there is The Ohio State University, home to the leading breast cancer research hospital in the country.  Thanks to them, we know “There is no routine mammogram” and so much more about the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention my own organization, the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, which provides significant support for organizations of all shapes and sizes looking to make an investment in women and girls in creative and effective ways.  We fund programs that increase economic self-sufficiency for women, encourage leadership for women, and develop lifeskills for girls. On top of all that, we empower women and men to make a significant difference in their community through philanthropy.  Along with the organizations listed above and many, many others, by transforming the lives of women and girls, we are driving social change.

Columbus, you are setting a great example.  Your commitment to your community is reflected in your commitment to enriching the lives of women and girls.

Way to go, Columbus.

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