Breaking into BizTown

This week has been an overall slow week for BizTown. Most of the staff is coming down from the craziness of the Fourth of July. My task for this week has been to find contacts for all of the local school districts and schools so that Junior Achievement can market BizTown for this coming school year.

This morning spiced up my week a bit, though. Today, I am going to write about my narrow escape from the law. On most mornings, I am the second or third person in the building and so by the time I arrive, the workday is already underway. This week though, we have several staff members either at national conferences or on vacation, and so I have been the first person in the office both yesterday and today.

I knew there was an alarm, and so yesterday I hung around outside the building for about fifteen minutes for the next person to arrive, just so that I would not set it off if I let myself in. I never had an alarm in my house growing up and so I have no knowledge of how security systems work.

She arrived and walked right on in. No flashing lights, no sirens. I followed, thinking in my head, ‘the alarm must just turn off at a certain time in the morning?’ What I did not know was after we parted ways, she went to disarm the alarm.

So this morning, I was the first one here again. I let myself in, as normal.

About twenty minutes later, I hear footsteps in the hallway. I turn around ready to greet my coworkers, and then I hear a walkie talkie buzz. That’s not normal, I thought. Leah, one of my coworkers rounds the corner followed by two police officers. My heart immediately sank – I knew immediately that I had set off the alarm. Fortunately, everyone had a good sense of humor – and no real harm was done.

Who knew that along with all that I am learning about non-profit organizations and curriculum development, I would also learn that I am terrible at breaking into buildings? I guess I am learning my strengths and weaknesses.

In other BizTown news, I wanted to revisit JA BizTown Summer Camp (click here to learn more about the camp experience). Here is a video showing the highlights of what was an awesome week:

To learn more about the impact of JA Biztown Summer Camp see: JA BizTown Summer Camp Pays Off in More Than One Way


About Sarah Kenny

I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University studying Elementary Education and Human & Organizational Development.
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