Murphy’s Lurking Around Every Corner

Yesterday, my coworker Brett turns to me and goes, “What’s the law that says everything that can go wrong, will go wrong?” I said that would be Murphy’s….


Turns out my week 5 reflected very much of Murphy’s insightful theory. If you’ve been following my blog you may know CCA West has moved locations or really I should say is in the process of moving locations. We officially have moved everything out of the Boys and Girls Club with the exception of our printers and copy machines (vitals recruitment tools) so almost everything is physically in our new location on Dana Ave! This really is great news because it means I can start showing families and students are new school. However there have been a couple bumps in the road. For one our new location isn’t set up with internet yet, which is makes it very difficult to get any work done there. There is Internet at the Boys and Girls Club, just a mile or so away, but there is no furniture and thus no where to work. Also the building doesn’t have air conditioning and tends to resemble a rainforest-like atmosphere by about 11am. Brett and I have everything we need at our Main St. campus but that is all the way on the east side of town and right now we are focusing



Needless to say, we were spread pretty thin this week and Murphy seemed to be lurking around every corner. Just one of Murphy’s many appearances was on Thursday morning. Brett and I were planning on printing letters for new and returning students that included a school calendar, orientation dates and other back to school announcements. In the midst of this we realized we didn’t have an excel spreadsheet listing all the returning school students address and we would need to manually enter it from the files at West. Then we got a call from DotCom the printer company telling us they’d be at BGC in an hour to move our printers to Dana. So I did the mail merge for letters and labels of just the new students and then Brett quickly headed over to BGC to use their Internet and printers before the movers came. Well the storm that happened Wednesday afternoon caused BGC’s power to be down so Brett wasn’t able to print the letters and the elevator wasn’t working so the printers couldn’t even be moved. This little fiasco was followed by several others and just to further complicate things almost all of the CCA staff was in DC for a conference so it just Brett and I fending for ourselves. But despite these minor set backs we did enroll 5 more students at West. We’ll count that as one win for week 5… I can only hope that Murphy won’t show his face this coming week.






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