Vitamin Book and Vitamin Water

What a great week! The kids made their vitamin books and shares them with their family! The vitamin book was a small paper book with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K on each page. I had the kids wrote down the benefits of each vitamin and draw pictures of foods rich in these vitamins. It was a great way for the kids to learn vitamins. I have kids come up to me during lunch now and tell me that the orange they had for lunch has vitamin C in it! They tried some “Vitamin Water” that I brought in, which is simply water with sliced lemons and oranges. Some of the kids wished it had sugar in it…but most of the kids really enjoyed the water! It’s a great alternative to soda and juice!

With gardening, the kids have been working hard at the garden pulling weeds and watering our plants. It’s great to see how devoted the kids are to the garden and how well they work together! I hope they continue to run the community garden next year.

It’s been a great experience working for ETSS. I love the kids and the work I do with them! They are all really interested in learning about nutrition and gardening. Every day I’m learning more about the Ethiopian and Somali culture-the language, food, and religion. It’s interesting to learn about different cultures and the types of foods they eat at home. Some of the Somali camp kids shared with me a bananas and rice dish that they frequently eat at home!


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