Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Calls

My biggest goal this week is to track down a response from 42 organizations that don’t have financial information about their programs available from an online source.  I am calling them all in order to determine A) if they have any programs that are specifically for women or girls, and B) if they can estimate the total expenses of this program for me.

These 42 organizations make up about half of the complete list of non-profit entities which I identified as those which sponsor programs for women and girls in the central Ohio area.  The half of the list which I called is those organizations which only partially fund programs for women and girls, whereas the other half is organizations who solely support women and girls.

I began making calls equipped with a script that went something like a choose-your-own-adventure story.

They all began the same:

“Hi, my name is Caroline and I am a fellow at the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio.  I am doing a research project on programs that support women and girls in the central Ohio area.  Does your organization sponsor any programs that specifically target women or girls?”

And then, there were two options (not accounting for the “well, maybe” category that a handful of people opted for).

Option A: “Yea, we do. But I’m not the best person to talk to about that. Let me get someone for you.”

To which I responded excitedly, “Great! I would like to learn more about it. I am specifically interested in gauging the total expenses for the program because I am trying to assess the total of all dollars spent on programs for women and girls in the Columbus area and this program would be an important piece of that.”

Or, Option B: “No, I don’t think we have anything specifically for girls.  We have girls in our program, but nothing specific.”

To which I responded appreciatively anyway, “Oh alright. That answers my question. Thank you so much for your time. Have a good day!”

As you can assume, those who chose Option A were my favorites. And they got to continue their adventure.

Once I was speaking to the person most able to answer my questions about the organization’s programs and expenses, I learned about a lot of interesting initiatives.  It was superbly enjoyable to learn a little bit about programs that serve women and girls that were previously unknown to me.  And among those organizations that do have programs for women or girls, I have had good success so far in also getting a close estimate of the dollars put into the program.  So goes my adventure in research for the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. I think it is going to have a pretty rewarding ending.

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