Half Way Point

 It’s hard to believe it’s already the halfway point for the summer fellowship. The work flow is beginning to return to normal, so everyone at Cancer Support Community is starting to get back to their normal jobs instead of unpacking and moving things around. The building is pretty much finished and nearly everything is put away. Programs resumed at the new location on Monday July 15th, which was the first day we really had participants in our new building. Everyone had only positive things to say about the building. I’ve started having meetings with community partners to expand the west side program.

The first meeting I attended was with the YMCA of Central Ohio, where I met with the director of government funding and diabetes program, and the LiveStrong program director. The meeting went really well, and the LiveStrong program sounds like an excellent program which the YMCA takes very seriously. They have put a lot of work into making sure this program is done correctly. The LiveStrong program is a free, twelve-week fitness program for cancer survivors, and their families are given twelve weeks’ free membership as well. They are very interested in teaming up with CSC_CO now that they are beginning to expand the LiveStrong program to other Central Ohio YMCAs. I believe this partnership could be a very positive relationship in the long term when it comes to ensuring that no one faces cancer alone.

The second meeting I attended was with Gladden Community House and MovNat. The Gladden Community House has existed for over a hundred years doing community work on the west side of Columbus. They do all sorts of community work, and I find it amazing that they have been around for that long! One thing I do know about the west side is that they have strong community organizations working to improve the lives of west side residents. MovNat is a physical education system that also uses a full range of real-world, natural human movement skills. Basically, they teach you how to be physically active in any type of setting, and they have a nutritional element as well.

Both meetings were successful, and it looks like we will have a family cooking class and a teen fitness class on the west side in early September. Unfortunately, the building move cut into our time to focus on program expansion, so I will not be able to see the programs actually being implemented. I will be handing it over to the next OSU social work intern, who will arrive a few days after my departure. I think the programs will happen, and after I leave, the transition to the new intern will be a lot smoother than it felt like it was for me. When I arrived at CSC_CO, it had been more than a month since the last intern had left, so I was more than lost and confused as to what she had done and where I should pick up. I plan to leave more detailed notes for the next intern to ensure this expansion is successful.


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