Keeping it Cool

It’s been a scorching week in Columbus, and people and animals alike are feeling the heat. LifeCare Alliance partners with The Columbus Division of Fire and fire departments in Marion and Madison counties to help our clients and community members ‘Beat the Heat.’

The Beat the Heat Fan drive began back in June and is still going strong. Fans are collected and distributed daily to ensure that individuals at risk of heat stroke or heat exhaustion are kept cool. With temperatures climbing above 90 degrees this week, these donated fans are literally the difference between life and death. This week alone, LifeCare has donated over 700 fans to people in need. Since the Fan Campaign’s creation over a decade ago, LifeCare has distributed over 15,000 fans.

Keep an eye out for homebound individuals and older adults in your neighborhood. Symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke include:

Heat exhaustion                           Heat Stroke       

Heavy sweating                                 No sweating

Paleness                                              Red, hot, dry skin

Muscle cramps                                   Muscle cramps

Headache                                            Body temperature of 103+

Queasiness                                          Nausea, vomiting

Dizziness                                              Dizziness

If you think a person is suffering from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke, call 9-1-1 immediately! Then offer the person a cool drink (non-alcoholic) and a cool washcloth placed on their forehead, back of the neck, and/or wrists.

photo (3)

Linda Collins and Oreo enjoy their new fan

Linda Collins and her dog, Oreo, are a great example of how a fan donation can benefit an entire household. (Can you imagine being a dog with all that fur in this heat?) When the pair received their fan, they also learned of the Pet Care Program. Collins and Oreo have been included on our revamped Animeals routes and will begin to receive dog food deliveries shortly.

If you or someone you know is in need of a fan, please call the Fan Campaign Hotline of LifeCare Alliance at 614-437-2870.

For more information about the Fan Campaign, check out

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