PowerPoint with a side of Broccoli

Every month, INCREASE CDC hosts an event for the Increase Community Business Network (ICBN).  The event allows business professionals, entrepreneurs, and community members to network and enjoy a presentation by an expert in popular business topics.

The topic of July was Profit Strategies.  Our presenter was a business consultant from ActionCoach, a global consulting firm.  I was quite excited for this presentation, as I was given the chance to look important and introduce our speaker at the luncheon.  After my exhilarating three minutes in the spotlight, I took my seat and watched a masterful presenter keep us on the edge of our seats for two hours.  She took a dry topic, made is very engaging, highly energetic, and informative.

Now- I am part of the generation that has grown up with PowerPoint as the primary means of presenting information.  I will say that after years of sitting through presentations by “bullet-point-sentence-readers” and marveling at the wonder of corny slide transitions (ie- dissovle), chills run down my spine every time I see someone double click that ominous orange “P.”

Yet, every once and awhile, a presenter comes along that renews my faith in Microsoft’s old warhorse.  I can equate this feeling to being force-fed broccoli as a child, developing a deep aversion to the green treat, and then having a meal with the vegetable that makes your taste buds scream for more.

Needless to say, she was great.

Not only did I learn about maximizing profit in various revenue streams to entertain my entrepreneurial hoop dreams, but I also witnessed how to effectively engage an audience.

Sometimes all it takes is a creative person to show you how great “broccoli” can be.


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