Talkin’ ’bout my generation

The past week was another whirlwind of meetings and research. After attending the orientation sessions last month for new hires in the halfway houses, I decided to inquire about attending a few sessions this month for new DD hires. The fact of the matter is that you can read and research and discuss issues from your armchair as much as you like, but in fields like corrections and DD services, you need hands-on experience to really get it. Hearing about day-to-day routines, typical challenges, and descriptions of some of the clients’ personalities really helps to close the gaps in the research.

Something that I noticed from attending the orientation sessions is the age of many Alvis House employees. There are a lot of young people, around the same age as me or even younger, entering the corrections and DD services sector. The CRS (Corrections and Rehabilitation Specialist) and HS (Habilitation Specialist) positions clearly require very mature, dedicated, and intelligent individuals, and despite the young age of many of the new hires, their enthusiasm and passion for their work more than compensated for their age. I have a deep respect for all of them!

My generation gets another gold star for being awesome philanthropists. As I was researching philanthropic trends, I was led to an article from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Canada Council that discussed how milennials have become a vital group for nonprofits to target. The typical impression of young people is that they are not dedicated and do not have money to give, and so they are often ignored. But a 2008 survey found that 60% of teenagers made financial donations or volunteered time to charities. Research has also shown that individuals who become donors or volunteers at a young age are much more likely to stay involved throughout their lifetime. The moral of the story? Milennials are a force to be reckoned with and are capable of amazing philanthropic achievements. My generation, baby.


Source: Little, T. (2013, May 28). When it comes to giving, Canada’s youth are leaders of tomorrow–and today. AFP’s the future of philanthropy.

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