Something New Every Day

Week 7 of my fellowship has been a very busy one!


Learning how to save lives, thanks to this doll appropriately named “Baby”

I began the week with a CPR/AED certification course given by the American Safety & Health Institute. Throughout the training, I learned the proper techniques for administrating CPR to infants, children, and adults, how to use an automated external defibulator (AED), and the different methods of helping someone if he/she is choking.

The next day, LifeCare hosted a Vacation Bible School from Scioto Ridge. The kids spent the afternoon volunteering at our Harmon Avenue location. They helped staff members wash Meals-On-Wheels delivery vans, collect and clean the MOW delivery bags, process pet food, distribute fans, and clean the kitchen. The kids were a huge help, and we were so thankful to have them!


Eagerly awaiting their assignments



Distributing fans to those in need


Helping out the Meals-On-Wheels staff. The kids couldn’t get enough of these hair

If you look carefully, you can see that each of the kids has a splash of green in their hair. At this VBS, the kids’ hair is sprayed a different color every day! (It was wash-out dye to keep the parents happy.) As I was walking a group of our young volunteers to their station, I shared with them that my second-grade teacher once dyed her hair green after my class collectively read 1,000 books that school year. The girls laughed, but the boys appeared less than impressed. I guess I’ll need to come up with some better talking points for next time I find myself surrounded by 50+ 5th graders!


Putting together the new Animeals booklets

Things are moving right along with my Animeals project. My desk is now covered with 24 brand new route booklets, color-coordinated by direction. Each contains updated information and a delivery packet made for volunteers to grab and go. We’ve found that quite a few booklets have gone missing in the past, and we are hoping that this new system helps combat this problem. I can’t wait to get these materials into the hands of our volunteers!

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