Game Time

I want to take the time to write about all of the behind the scenes office work that I’ve been involved with and all of the great people that I work with that aren’t under the age of 14, but there is just so much that happens at this camp on a weekly basis that I’ll have to save that for another post.  Here’s what’s happened the last two weeks at HCC (Hilliard Church of Christ) and RELC (Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church).


HCC blog postTaco Bell Jr. was running full steam today.  There were a few minor hiccups for the kids (we ran out of corn tortillas and tortilla chips!), but they took it in stride and “pushed theTakis” instead.  Everything turned out great and the 38 guests at the restaurant didn’t notice a thing.  In other TBJr. news, the staff t-shirts have arrived!  Each employee wore a matching white t-shirt with the Taco Bell Jr. and SON Ministries name and logos (as seen in the bottom right of the picture above).  Next week the kids are tie-dying their shirts to make them even more special.  We’ve also had a visit from KidSMILES dental group and a “book raid” that ended with multiple books  going home with any kid that wanted them.


RELC Minute to Win It

This week has felt a little bit like game time all the time.  In the best possible way.  Some of the preparation for our activities at RELC is as much fun for the staff as the actual games are for the kids.  If you don’t know what I mean, try blowing up 100+ balloons in a small room filled with the kind of people that would spend their summers playing with children.  Or “testing” whether or not our homemade ice cream would work.  It did and it was delicious.  This preparation, while entertaining and delicious for the staff, served a purpose in terms of our programming, too.  Our balloons made their way into a real life Mario Kart game, our ice cream was a huge hit and our “Minute-to-win-it” games were a smashing, frenzied success.

Again, the office work post will be here shortly, as promised.  But can you blame me for writing about all of these amazing things instead?


About Ryan Max

I'm a Psychology undergraduate student at Miami University. I was assigned to create a blog on a topic about which I am passionate for a Journalism course. This was the result. Enjoy!
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