As Promised…

Here’s a look into the office work that I’ve been doing this Summer in addition to playing with a group of amazing kids every day.

One of my main objectives this summer has been scheduling special guests.  The exciting part of that job is visiting the sites on those days and getting to see the kids interact with a police dog or a doctor or the fire department.  The next two weeks include visits from a soccer trainer, an optometrist group, The Columbus Zoo, The Columbus Blue Jackets and a fruit sculptor.  Behind the scenes is, admittedly, a little less exciting.  Lots of phone calls, lots of voicemails, lots of emails.  Currently, the contact information for potential special guests is a little scattered.  By the end of the Summer one of my main office-related objectives is to finish a spreadsheet – currently in progress – that will make next year’s special guest coordinator’s job less stressful.  All of the usual information – name, email, phone number – but also a much more detailed description of what they do with their visits – is it a craft/activity/professional visit, have they been to our camp before, did the kids enjoy their visit.  When the entirety of the program lasts only nine weeks, there isn’t any time to waste, so knowing all of this will (hopefully) be very helpful in the future.

SON Office

It’s a beautiful space…and I couldn’t resist showing off a bit more of the kids’ artwork. These pieces were donated to SON Ministries by the campers.

I’ve also spent time developing planning sheets for each of our camp sites.  Each week I meet with the site leaders and assistant site leaders and we plan out the activities and guests for the week ahead.  Each site is different, so the planning process needed a good bit of tweaking at the beginning of the Summer.  Now, everything runs smoothly.  My hope is to leave behind enough documentation that next Summer will be able to start where this one ends in terms of planning.

I’ve also been working on flyers for Family and Friends Night at two of our larger sites.  Last week the first FFN went GREAT and I’m looking forward to Round 2 this Wednesday.  This week’s event will include a talent show, soccer match, halftime dance performance, dodgeball tournament, bake sale/lemonade stand and art gallery.  All starring the kids, of course.  Today’s preparations for the big event included dance practice, making jerseys for soccer and dodgeball, icing cupcakes and making signs for the bake sale.  It’s a pretty big deal and I am so excited to be a part of it.

Bake Sale 1 Bake Sale

There will certainly be pictures and videos to follow, so stay tuned.

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I'm a Psychology undergraduate student at Miami University. I was assigned to create a blog on a topic about which I am passionate for a Journalism course. This was the result. Enjoy!
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