Bananas and Blueberry “Ice Cream” = Success!

The last few weeks have been busy but exciting at ETSS summer camp. The kids have been able to try a variety of foods in my nutrition class. They were very excited for last week though, because they knew they would be trying some bananas and blueberry “Ice Cream”! I put the quotation marks on Ice Cream, only because it really isn’t ice cream. No dairy or sugar involved in this delicious frozen treat-just frozen bananas and blueberries blended to perfection! Last weekend I had bags full of cut up bananas and  blueberries in my freezer. With my small food processor, I spent hours trying to blend the two fruits to make the frozen treat. In the end, the “ice cream” was made and it was a hit at camp! Most of the kids really enjoyed tasting it and was surprised when they found out that I didn’t add any sugar! (Sometimes I like to add walnuts and drizzle a little bit of honey!) I hope the kids are able to freeze up different fruits and make their own “Ice Cream” creations!

At the end of camp at the East site, one of the students stayed in class with me until the other kids left to play outside. She then took her spoon out and began to eat the left over “Ice Cream” I had in my bowl asking me, “Can I eat the rest of this? It’s so yummy!” It was already too late for me to say no, since she had already taken a bite, so I let her finish the bowl. I’m really glad some of the kids LOVED this dessert! It’s a great alternative to ice cream, and you don’t have to feel guilty if you eat it every day!


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