On the Road Again

     The field trips just keep rolling in at the OEC! This past week, I was lucky enough to travel to Cleveland and Athens. In Cleveland, I got the full corporate meeting experience, as my boss and I met with executives from the Cleveland 2030 District. It was a great learning experience for me, as I got to see how the OEC operates in a more corporate setting, and I got to learn all about what the 2030 District is doing to encourage energy efficiency in downtown Cleveland. We also had fun photographing a giant wind turbine later in the day, a task that probably amused cars driving past two professionally-dressed people crouching in the grass with a camera in pursuit of that artsy angle. Hungry from our quest for clean energy, our field trip ended with delicious grilled cheese from Melt.

     My second field trip was equally as fun, if a bit more soggy. Last Saturday was the Boogie on the Bricks festival in Athens, although you wouldn’t have known it when I arrived there in the afternoon. Three solid hours of torrential rain had preceded my arrival, and when I met up with the head organizer from the Environmental Law & Policy Center and the other volunteer they were shivering under their flimsy plastic tent. Fortunately, the day cleared up from that point on, and we took turns drying off in the limited sun. More importantly, the crowd picked back up and we were able to talk with lots of colorful characters about Senate Bill 221 and the fight for clean energy regulations in Ohio. I even got to say hi to a few friends from my days as an undergrad (which were three months ago, lest my nostalgic tone deceive you)! While the early rain could have derailed our ability to educate and talk with the festival-goers, we were luckily able to make up for lost time once things picked up around dusk.

     Apart from being fun, these two field trips taught me valuable lessons about the OEC and similar organizations. First, they showed me just how much work goes into fighting the green fight – and how important help from the public and other organizations/businesses truly is. Secondly, they gave me an appreciation for the diversity of tactics the OEC/ELPC employ – a corporate boardroom is far from the cobbled streets of Athens, after all!

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