Traveling around the world: Hummus and Salsa

This week was a great week with the kids at ETSS summer camp. I was able to get the kids involved with cooking. The first dish they made was hummus! An easy Middle Eastern dish, the kids had fun mashing up chickpeas and squeezing the lemons. We also added some parsley and roasted garlic for more added flavor. Side story- The weekend before, I roasted 4 garlic in my apartment to prepare for the hummus lesson…my apartment smelled like garlic for the next few days!

The kids dipped carrots and pita bread into their delicious, homemade hummus. Not only did they enjoy making the hummus, they really enjoyed eating the hummus! It was great to see all of the kids try the hummus and learn about a dish from a different culture.

That same week, they also got a small taste of Mexico, when they made some salsa! Carefully, the all of the kids cut up tomatoes and red onions and sprinkled on some cilantro leaves on their salsa mixture. I added a little bit of cumin and salt for flavor, and the kids tried their homemade salsa with some tortilla chips. Although, tortilla chips are “junk food”, I let the kids have seconds as long as they were dipping the chips in the salsa. It was definitely a great way for the kids to learn about a new dish as well as some valuable cooking skills! Salsa is a great way for kids who aren’t a fan of tomatoes to try them again!

The cooking lessons aren’t over yet! Next week, the kids will be making pasta salad! Only 2 more weeks of camp! 


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