Food & Families

This past weekend, CCA-West had a cookout for new and returning students to celebrate our move and welcome the students. Volunteers and CCA staff members have been working to paint and refurbish all the classrooms we will be using next year and although there is still a little ways to go, the building made a miraculous transformation just in time for families to arrive. When I left work on Friday evening, the halls were still filled with paint cans and brushes, tables, chairs and filing cabinets, the gym was empty and no classrooms were set up. On Saturday afternoon, however to my surprise the school was spotless and looked great! The halls were emptied and cleaned, the gym had tables and chairs set up in it and a “mock” classroom was created for families and students to see.


The “mock” 6th grade classroom

                We had a great turnout with both new and returning families coming out to see the school, eat some hot dogs and mingle with teachers and fellow classmates. Students were very excited to see where they would be going to school. One student even showed up in his full uniform! Almost all of my interaction with families is during the enrollment process for new students, so it was great to see the enthusiasm returning students have for CCA and their family’s commitment to their child’s education. If the cookout is any indicator of the turnout we will have on the first day of school I think it’s safe to say it will be great!   


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