Orientation: 1 down, 1 to go

ImageThis week at CCA-West was filled with planning, organizing and executing Family Orientation. All new students and their families are required to attend one of our two sessions of orientation. Orientation is a exactly that, an introduction to Columbus Collegiate Academy. Families are provided more detailed information about parent/student expectations, code of conduct at CCA and our mission and dedication for the upcoming school year. Families are also given their free uniform shirt (the first shirt is free!) and a school supplies list.

One of my main objectives this summer was to increase attendance rates at orientation, specifically a goal of 85% or higher.  We have 81 new families for this school year, which means I need around 65 families to attend either orientation session to reach the 85% goal. Considering the attendance at other family events and school visits, this is a lofty goal, but either way I have been hard at work tracking down new families to attend a session.

Our first orientation was this past Wednesday evening at our new location on Dana Ave. The event went quite smoothly without any major hiccups (phew!). Nineteen families were in attendance and everyone seemed excited about the upcoming school year. It was great to see so many families I had met with individually all under the same roof. Overall I think the families were happy to see how well we’ve transitioned into the new location and parents, in particular, were happy that the school year is quickly approaching.

Our second Family Orientation is this Saturday afternoon and we are expecting 36 families. While I am usually an optimist, I’m not sure if we will reach our goal of 85% attendance. But I would be happy with 70, even 60% attendance, so my hopes are up for Saturday! 

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