Don’t ask why…

This past week I attended a meeting at the Hilltop YMCA to discuss our ideas and plans to expand programming to west side residents by offering a fitness program at their location. Our plans are on hold, because the Y wants time to decide what the best way we should precede will be. I completely understand where the Y is coming from, but it’s still disappointing because I already had a meeting with another community partner to facilitate the fitness program. I now wish we had held off on that meeting or had her join the meeting we had last Friday.

Last week I had a lot of lessons about the art of programming. Often your plans and ideas for a program will and do change and often times you cannot afford to do what you want or need to do. I learned how to make a proposed budget for programs, by making the budget for the fall programs we planned to have. Unfortunately, we learned we cannot afford to offer programming the way we had envisioned in the Hilltop area. It was amazing to see how much programs actually cost. We offer programming at no cost to participants, but that does not mean the programs are without cost!

Aside from meetings about budgets, meeting community partners, contacting community partners, setting up visits to pass out surveys with agencies on the west side I had a few meetings with my boss to go over what I had done while she was on vacation and my plans for the upcoming weeks. Even though I won’t actually be able to implement the actual programs I have learned a lot about clinical programming. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and even the ugly side you could say. All my exposure has been beneficial especially anytime you can spend time with a LISW. Any conversation I have been able to have with my supervisor has been extremely important for my future career as a social worker. The knowledge, experience, and wisdom an LISW can share with one can be tremendously valuable.

 Just last week during our weekly supervision meeting, she told us we should never allow ourselves to go down the “why” question route, because it will only spiral you down to a deep dark place, and you may never find an answer. We should instead ask how or what questions to find meaning and to move beyond the situation that is troubling us.  

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