Bringing the Past into the Present

At it’s core, one might say that CELC’s mission goes beyond providing the highest quality early childhood education available. It provides a crucial service that works not only to alleviate poverty in our communities, but also to break the cycle of poverty in which so many families find themselves trapped. By making it possible for parents to work or attend school, they indirectly improve families’ socioeconomic situations.

Importantly for CELC, 125 years with a mission to provide early learning experiences as a means of improving families’ lives means that they have a lot of information about the transformation of early childhood education into its current form. Now the challenge is to craft a narrative that resonates with a variety of audiences, that serves as a testament to the the ways in which early childhood learning has changed and the ways in which it remains the same.

This week, I have been using all of the historical materials that I have scanned, photographed, and dissected over the past weeks to connect CELC’s past to its present and future. I’m no graphic designer or video editor, so I’ve had my fair share of hours spent learning how to add audio to PowerPoint (so cool that it is a feature now!). And yes, I’m using PowerPoint for all of these ventures because video software is beyond me, at least in my current time frame.

To transform these disparate objects into a useful document that brings together the past and the present has been rather exciting. I have particularly been struck by how forward thinking CELC has been over the course of its many names. At one point, as a result of searching for newspaper articles, I counted 8 different variations under which CELC has been known. While that can make it complicated to explain historical situations, having to identify which location under which name, it enriches CELC’s all-encompassing history that much more. Over the next week, I’ll continue to work to bring CELC’s history into its present initiatives.

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