After All This Time? Always.

It’s hard to believe that my time at LifeCare Alliance is about to come to a close. I’ve busily spent the week finishing up my remaining projects and preparing for my final presentation at The Columbus Foundation.

I’ve been working to draft a fishing letter to pet food retailers in hopes of receiving donations of pet food and/or supplies. I’ve also written a similar letter to veterinary offices explaining LifeCare’s procedure of assisting clients with vet bills. Because most vet offices require payment up front, some practices have been weary to accept pre-approval as a place holder. After several drafts and a quick self-tutorial in Mail Merge, over 200 letters were finally mailed. Responses have started to come in this week, from both retailers and vet offices, and seeing the results of my hard work has been very rewarding.

photo (7)

Fishing letters wait to be mailed

I have learned a lot during my summer with LifeCare, both in and out of the office. LifeCare Alliance has taught me a great deal about the needs of the Columbus community and the inner workings of a large non-profit agency. The staff has shown me the importance of thorough communication, teamwork, and the fun of staff lunches around Columbus. Columbus rush hour has taught me patience, and the Columbus Clippers and the Columbus Crew have shown me that there is team spirit to be found outside of Ohio Stadium.  It was an unforgettable summer, and I am so grateful to The Columbus Foundation and LifeCare Alliance for giving me this incredible opportunity.

LifeCare Alliance’s founder, Catherine Nelson Black, began the agency in 1898 thereby creating the first in-home health agency and Ohio’s first Visiting Nurse Association. Her motto was, “Take care of those no one else pays any attention to.” For the past 115 years, volunteers, donors, and staff members have dedicated themselves to caring for individuals that may have otherwise been overlooked. Some might wonder, after all this time? After all this time there are people willing to continually give their time, money, and resources to ensure that others receive what they need to live comfortably? The answer, as I have learned this summer, is quite simple. Always.

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