Shutting Down in BizTown

The first day I sat in the Foundation for orientation, ten weeks stretched out ahead of me. 

And now I am in week ten. Not to be cliche – but I blinked.

I look back over the past few months and could not be more thankful that I spent the past two and a half months with Junior Achievement. I’m not sure what I expected when I first walked into this fellowship, but this summer has been incredible.

From day one, everyone at Junior Achievement pushed me to grow as a professional. I met some incredible people with amazing stories, and was given the privilege of learning from their expertise.

I walk from Junior Achievement  a little bit better informed and with my eyes a little bit more open. This summer has been the summer of ‘community.’ With events like the Casino Night Fundraiser or sitting in on board meetings I have learned how much an entire community are reliant on one another. I’ve seen how a donor can affect an entire program, how a local business can impact a community, and with my summer project: how an education policy affects everything else around it, specifically on a non-profit level.

Thank you Junior Achievement of Central Ohio for including me for a summer and teaching me so much. Whatever my next steps are, I will take a piece of this experience with me – wherever I go.

About Sarah Kenny

I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University studying Elementary Education and Human & Organizational Development.
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