The incredible spirit of Columbus

Today was the final closing luncheon for the 2013 Fellowship, and I have to say: it was amazing.

All of the Fellows had been giving each other updates on their projects and what they were experiencing at their organizations throughout the course of the summer, but it was awesome to see the final results and to hear about everyone’s accomplishments. We all worked in such a wide variety of tasks this summer: some ran summer camp activities and planned educational experiences, some helped small businesses get a foot in the door, some facilitated research and archived data, and some coordinated whole systems of volunteers. The Fellowship was a very interesting and insightful experience. My own experience at Alvis House was beyond wonderful in and of itself, but having a network of other Fellows working at other organizations at the same time was very eye-opening as well. I learned a lot about what Columbus has to offer, in terms of nonprofit work and organizations, for-profits and social enterprise, and of course all of the awesome recreational activities—events, restaurants, neighborhood haunts—that make this city unique.

Columbus has treated me very well over the past four years, and I’m so thrilled that I was able to get to know it as well as I have. Even though I am planning on traveling and moving around a bit over the next couple of years, I have a feeling that Columbus will always feel like home. I plan on coming back to visit every chance I get, if not settling down here permanently after I’ve wandered a bit.

So thank you to the Columbus Foundation, again, for the summer. Luckily, my Fellowship hasn’t ended just yet, so I will save my goodbyes to Alvis House for next week!

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