The Garden at MOF

One of my responsibilities at the Mid Ohio Food Bank is running the volunteer hours at the Community Garden here on-site. Last week we harvested 18 pounds of lettuce and 3 pounds of radishes that went directly into the Kroger food pantry while our clients were shopping. They probably had the best looking and freshest produce to choose from. This week we will be harvesting the rest of the radishes and lettuce as well as making pea teepees and cleaning up our herb garden. So far our organizational and corporate sponsors that take care of their own plot and help out with some of our beds are Lane Bryant and the Lions Club. We are to have two more partners very soon!

I also work closely with our onsite pantry where clients can come in and shop for themselves and/or their family. Today I conducted surveys that will better inform us of our clients needs and allow them to give us feedback on what they want as far as a pantry experience goes and what other resources we should offer information about. At the food bank, every step of our work we ask the question, “how does this affect the client?” and this survey is facilitating us to better understand what that question means and how our answers can be better informed by the voices of the client themselves. Currently our survey is only in English so I am working on a translation to Spanish for the clients who are Hispanic/Latino. This will allow us to encompass a large demographic that is excluded from English only surveying. Another interesting and quite amazing thing about our pantry is that many times clients will come in as volunteers as well or help stock the pantry while they are waiting. We had a woman today helping us sort through pints of strawberries to through away the bad ones and consolidate the good ones. She was the fastest worker out of all of us doing the same job.

I am learning a lot and I cannot wait to learn more!lettuce 1 lettuce 2


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I am a senior in high schoolabotu to graduate. I am doing an Senior Independent Project
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