FLOWriding, a Bike Commute

It is hard to believe that it has now been two weeks working with FLOW and being a Columbus Foundation Fellow! I spent most of this week biking to the Clintonville office from my place near Ohio Dominican on the east side. This has given me the chance to see many of the Olentangy’s tributaries like Glen Echo and I even found some wild cherry trees to stop and chow down. I’ve also biked down the Olentangy bike trail, which is like the I-71 or 315 of Columbus bikeways. Many spots along that trail have noticeable projects that FLOW or friends of FLOW have worked on or improved. On one of my journeys home I was met by a FLOW volunteer who showed me the location of approximately 2000 trees have been planted in the last 7 years. Many of these trees are now over ten feet tall in some cases and absolutely thriving. I also got to explore various types of rain gardens and butterfly gardens that have been planted in Clinton-Como Park as well as a nice patch of wild black raspberries for my hungry days. Also in that park was a restoration made by AEP after the company buried a gas pipeline despite the wishes of the community. To AEP’s credit, the area they have replanted appears to be doing well and has brought back many amphibian species that previously were not to be found. Just down the trail from this park is a private community called Olentangy Village who have planted over 1000 trees in about 5 years and have made future plans for ecological restoration including signage that explains some of the areas they have restored. From this point to Ohio State you will come across the OSU Wetlands, which is a masterpiece of biological diversity. One day I nearly biked into a deer crossing the path and another I was distracted by an Oriole who was flying above. Nearly this whole stretch of the bike path has a low hanging mulberry tree which is great for a periodic snack. I encourage many of you if possible to bike commute, and if not at least get out and enjoy this beautiful trail and river!   Here are some wildflower pictures from this week,





Hemp Dogbane

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