Happy Flag Day!

20140614_121620This week did not have a central theme or specific project that I worked on. The fact that I am able to work on multiple projects at once is not a bad thing but an attribute to the work of the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus. Since I will be facilitating many summer learning activities throughout the Summer Brain Gain program I wanted to spend as much time with theclub members as possible.  I spent some time at all of the clubs this week but spent the most time at Westside and Southside.

Westside is currently participating in a Robotics program sponsored by NASA! Earlier in the week I went shopping for all of the supplies and it was awesome to see the raw materials turn into mini rockets made from pop bottles!

When I was at Southside on Thursday I was able to participate in one of the Brain Gain modules focusing on interacting with peers. The club members had to go around and interview “celebrities” and ask them about their clothing. I was a guest “celebrity”. Of course I was wearing an Ohio State shirt and the conversation eventually turned to the one time I met Braxton Miller in person (the students were quite excited).

On Friday I spent some time at the R.I.S.E site in Weinland Park. We made flags to represent ourselves in honor of Flag Day! Pictured below is my flag!20140613_143634 Speaking of Flag Day. ..I was fortunate enough to accompany more than 60 club members from all of clubs in Columbus to the Flag Day ceremony at City Hall.  The club members played an integral part of the program holding several flags and a few members had speaking roles. I learned a lot of new information. For example Hawaii joined the union in 1959! I expected it to be earlier than that for some reason.  Well this was just a glimpse into the MANY different activities I partake in at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus on a daily basis!  Next week I begin the pre-assessment surveys for the Summer Brain Gain so stay tuned!


Where I work everyday!

In honor of Flag Day and the World Cup!


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