The Homeport green and my first Produce Fair

Two weeks has just FLOWN by.  Projects, volunteer days, and meetings.  Research, writing, and diagraming.  It feels like I have done just about everything in the past two weeks that could possibly be done at one job in an entire summer and yet every day I am discovering something new.  During my second week at Homeport I have really dived into Standard Operating Procedures project.  The first portion of my project is documenting everything that goes into putting on monthly Produce Fair in three of our largest rental communities.  Each month the MidOhio Foodbank drops off up to 12,000 pounds of produce and perishable food items to be distributed for free to families in the area.   Through these donations we are able to provide healthy food options for hundreds of low-income families in our communities each month.  In order to write about how these produce fairs run I had to experience them first hand, so this past week I got to participate in my first produce fair.  It was a lot of fun working with other volunteers and serving over 400 people.  One of the coolest parts of the day was meeting Isaac, a 14 year old boy who lives in the Homeport community and first came through the line to receive food for his family.  After he finished helping his mom carry the food back to their apartment he came back and asked if he could help.  The minute he threw on a green Homeport T-shirt he was in work mode and was busy helping as many people as he could carry their items back to their cars or apartments.  It was really inspiring to see how excited and willing he was to help.  This produce distribution was a lot of fun and it really opened my eyes beyond everything I have been writing about and researching in the office.  It was great to be in the communities and put faces to names and real life stories to the numbers.

Hard at work at the Homeport Produce Fair

Hard at work at the Homeport Produce Fair

We distributed almost 12,000 pounds of fresh produce!

We distributed almost 12,000 pounds of fresh produce!

Our lovely volunteer ladies

Our lovely volunteer ladies

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