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ImageThis third week at the Ronald McDonald House has me focusing in on our expansive volunteer program. I have learned that in order to create this volunteer stewardship plan, I truly have to understaImagend the different facets of the volunteer program. Here’s what I have learned: there are a total of nine different volunteer opportunities at Columbus’ RMHC. Six of these opportunities occur inside the house and involve direct contact with the families staying here. The other three opportunities happen outside of the house at numerous special fundraising events that are held throughout the year. This diverse amount of opportunities caters to a number of different volunteer segments, which allows RMHC to target a wider pool of volunteers than other non-profit organizations with one or two different types of volunteers. This is a clear strength for Columbus’ Ronald McDonald House! However, this is making my job a little bit more difficult because each of these distinct volunteer opportunities needs to have a different section within the volunteer stewardship plan.


Some of our lovely volunteers!


Nine ways to volunteer at RMHC!!

It seems like when I even start to grasp what this plan is going to look like, there is a completely new aspect or another idea to consider that steers me in a new direction. Thankfully, I was able to sit down with two members of our Development team this week to focus in on that aspect of the plan. Angie Hartley and Megan Koester sat down to highlight specific aspects of this plan that will be beneficial to the Development side of RMHC. One of the main focuses of this was discussing how I could create a system that helps identify key volunteers that could be interested in making gifts of money or talent to RMHC. We talked about numerous processes that would help support this system. Just educating volunteers about how to make a gift of money/talent or other ways that they can get involved in the house is the easiest way to begin this process. This meeting was helpful because I was able to write down specific aspects to include in the plan. Before this meeting, I had met with most of the RMHC staff and talked about the Volunteer Stewardship Plan. These meetings mostly consisted of some really great brainstorming sessions and introductions. I feel much better now that I have an overall picture of the development side of the plan. I am already planning on having meetings with the Marketing and Volunteer staffs in order to fill out the other parts of this plan within the next coming weeks.

On another note, RMHC of Central Ohio’s forty-two room expansion is slowly coming together. We just received a delivery of linens and pillowcases for what will soon be the world’s largest Ronald McDonald House. Since part of my job at RMHC these past three weeks has involved preparing the expansion, I am starting to get very excited for it all to finally come together!

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